iPACROSS available in Mac and iPad AppStoreOverview

iPACROSS is a puzzle game known by many other names, including Paint by Numbers, Logic Puzzle, Griddlers, Nonogrames or Picross. The game exploits concepts similar to Sudoku, but rather than focusing solely on numbers, iPACROSS requires you to use logic and numeric hints to deduce the pixel art hidden in the game board. This simple yet highly addictive game will certainly become your next brain-teasing habit.

In addition to a ton of puzzles to play alone in single-player mode, iPACROSS also features an original 2 player game mode. In this fast-paced mode, you can use the puzzle resolving skills learned from single-player mode to compete with a friend. You and your friend will take the control of the game in turn. The player who reveals the most hidden pixels in the art wins. This innovative game mode takes what can be a very relaxing puzzle experience and make it totally manic! iPACROSS also has an exclusive puzzle library which is completely independent of the single-player library and contains more than 1000 puzzles! We invite you to try it for yourself, it’s a great fun!

In addition, iPACROSS offers fine-tuned touch control and completely redesigned user interface that fully takes advantage of iPad’s large screen. Our target is to deliver the best puzzle-resolving experience on the iPad. For those challenge-seeking puzzle veterans, iPACROSS offers extra-large 25X25 puzzles that will certainly satisfy your appetite. Did we mention that iPACROSS also has an unique feature that lets you post and share the pixel art you just resolved, with your score on Facebook and Twitter through OpenFeint integration?

We are constantly improving our game and we’re dedicated to making it the best logic puzzle game on iPad. Your support and feedback are always important to us. Your favourable review would also help to speed up the FREE UPDATE! Yes, we will continue to bring you FREE UPDATES with more content and more fun! We are glad to let you know that the new puzzle levels are already in development.


21 levels, 336 puzzles in total for single-player mode. That’s 100+ hours of fun.
5 difficulty levels for single-player mode, from the relaxing 5×5 to the highly challenging 25×25.
Innovative 2 player mode with 3 different board sizes (10×10, 15×15 and 20×20).
Exclusive multiplayer puzzle library with 1000+ uniquely designed puzzles.
Step-by-step tutorial for beginner.
OpenFeint integration. 8 achievements to unlock.
Compete with your friends and other iPACROSS fans for higher world ranking.
Post your best score and display the pixel art you just resolved on Facebook and Twitter.

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