NuTracking Library 0.1 Released

NuTracking is a game analytics library that built upon the mature and stable backend of Google Analytics. It provides an easy & elegant solution for you to collect and analyze the behavior of your players.

The first version of NuTracking is released as a script asset in Unity’s Asset Store. It provides the following features:

  • Easy integration to your game

Following up the tutorial, everyone can setup a Google Analytics account in 2 minutes, and then integrate NuTracking to your Unity project within a few seconds.

  • Track common player activity automatically

With no extra work, you could be able to access the information of total game sessions, daily unique players, daily new players, their geo location, the operation system, etc.

If you provide In-App purchases in your game, it could also be easily tracked.

  • Privacy protection

Google’s motto is “don’t do evil”. But do NOT over-trust them.

By default, the IP address was collected for geo location analyzation. And it’s obfuscated to prevent the back-tracing to protect the privacy of players. The true machine ID (like UUID in iPhone) is also obfuscated as well. By default, all the data that is sent to Google Analytics is anonymously.

Also, NuTracking use the HTTPS protocol to communicate with Google Analytics whenever feasible. It encrypts information with SSL and protects you and your players from eavesdropping and sniffer attacks.

  • Cross platform

The implementation of NuTracking considered the restriction of Unity framework in each of its supported platform. It is tested in WebPlayer, OSX, iOS, and even the Unity editor. Android has not been tested but it’s quite likely to be compatible as well.

  • Asynchronized behavior

NuTracking is working asynchonized with the game code. It won’t slow down your game for waiting network transmission, etc. It just works silently to fulfill its task in the background.

  • Source code provided, easy to customize

Every game has its special elements want to be tracked. NuTracking library provides general interface functions to trace any customized behavior with Google Analytics’s mechanisms (page view, event, or transaction).

Since the full source code is provided, it’s possible to highly customized that to do any geeky tracking you want. But, please understand that there is limitations when accessing the backend of Google Analytics. And you should always concern the player’s privacy and never track more than necessary.

  • Support both Unity Free and Pro edition

NuTracking is implemented with pure C# code. So you could use that even with Unity Free version.

Check NuTracking Website for more information.


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