The service of People’s Card will be stopped in one month

People’s Card has been removed from Apple Store for a long time. Although people who downloaded that before could still use it, since the backend server is still keeping running, it could not work forever for there would not be enough budget to support that.

So I must apologize to people who enjoyed People’s Card, and who purchased IAP to create more cards beyond the free ones. I plan to shutdown the server one month later. All the passes / cards that you created and distributed would be still visible in Passbook. But you could no longer modify them and automatically update the distributed ones.

I have published the server implementation details for any one who wants to build similar service. Please check

Thank you for your support and understanding 🙂


3 thoughts on “The service of People’s Card will be stopped in one month

    • I don’t think Apple had any concrete reason when removing People’s Card. So sorry I could not help you much on this topic. However, Apple handled each application differently. And there is a fair chance that Apple may accept your app, especially since you do not plan to release your app in US. But you still need to be careful even with the initial approval. Good luck!

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