Insta Companion (Remove From App Store)

★★★ The only iPhone app that shares Instagram photos to Pinterest ★★★

★★★ The only iPhone app to doodle on Instagram photos ★★★

Insta Companion is a lightweight Instagram helper app to browse your favorite photos, modify and share them in many different ways.

It is superb simple to use. Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Browse Instagram library
♥ Popular
♥ Near me
♥ My following feeds
♥ My photos
♥ Photos I liked

2. Modify it (optional)
✐ Print any text, choose text, font, color, size, etc.
✐ Free finger painting to doodle your photo

3. Share it!
➣ Facebook
➣ Twitter
➣ Tumblr
➣ Instagram (Yes :o)
➣ Pinterest ★ (Having the official Pinterest app installed to activate this feature)
➣ Flickr
➣ Email
➣ Copy
➣ Air Print
➣ Save to Photo Album

Note: The current version of Pinterest removed the URL which this app used to pin pictures. So I withdrawn the app from App Store before finding a new solution to do that.


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