True Portraits


We might never know if Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is a portrait of a real woman, or a self portrait of the great artist. Why it could not be the true portrait of … YOU …?

True Portraits is such an awesome app that makes it available for ordinary people to create his or her own contemporary master pieces like Duchamp did by replacing original faces in a master piece with his own. It provides an opportunity to have a close look at these masterpieces in art history from a different angle. Moreover, it helps make new meaning by creating along with these masters.

Hiding all the complexity under a superb easy-to-use interface, True Portraits helps you to make imaginary but realistic portraits in the simplest way. It could produce the portraits in an amazing approach, by keeping the original canvas texture, brush, and overall tone to the largest extent.


  • Unique live camera view; What you see is what you get!
  • Easy and concise user interface
  • Seamless editing: precisely adjust color tone and brightness to fit the original picture or get incredible results
  • Immediate access to the detailed knowledge of the original work and its background
    Free finger painting, draw whatever you like!
  • Put customized text on portraits
  • Six top-quality portraits in different styles for free. Another pack of great mythology portraits purchasable (and more is coming soon!)
  • Send / share your finished work to Email, Printer, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more

Update Coming Soon

  • More portraits


True Portraits used the following open source libraries:


Icons & Screenshots Download


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