Insta Companion Released on App Store

Insta Companion is a lightweight Instagram helper app to browse your favorite photos, modify and share them in many different ways.

At the current time, it’s

★ the only iPhone app that pin Instagram photos to Pinterest

★ the only iPhone app to doodle on Instagram photos

Check this page for more details


3 thoughts on “Insta Companion Released on App Store

  1. Friendly advise:
    Your new app for instagram claims to be the “only” app that allows direct sharing with pinterest. This is not true. I’d suggest rewording your intro…

  2. Friendly advise: your app claims to be – “the only iPhone app that shares Instagram photos to Pinterest.”
    There is another “pinstagram” app that does the same thing on iPad, and although there is a pinstagram app for iPhone, I noticed its by a different company so I’m not certain it does the same thing (I’m not buying it to find out), but you may want to check. I’d be careful about pushing this as one of your top selling points if they do indeed offer this option…

    • Thank you very much for your information. I just got both of the apps to test. (fortunately the iPad one is free now). And the iPhone one don’t have much functionality, and can’t post anything to Pinterest. So I could proudly keep my claim at the current stage.

      Although it could not work on iPhone, the iPad one made by FireSnake Labs is quite interesting. It provides a waterfall view to browse Instagram which works well on iPad screen. But you might found when you try to “pin” something, it popup the Pinterest website to do that. This method is slow and inconvenient, and won’t fit iPhone’s small screen. My app does the work much better, and could pin a modified version of the photo. Even most of the websites provides similar functionality do not support that.

      By the way, I have the plan to add more features to make it more valuable to Instagram users. Specifically, I am considering the tag cloud and think it might be useful. Other functions are also under consideration.

      Thanks again for your advise. And please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is any suggestion 🙂

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