IndieLib, 2.5d engine using c++ for rapid game development

“IndieLib is a c++ 2.5d engine for game development and fast game prototyping in a really easy way. Internally it uses Direct3d for hardware acceleration, but doesn’t use DirectDraw or ID3DXSprite, it directly draws textures on polygons. The engine is focused in fast 2d rendering, but also allows you to use 3d models. The main IndieLib features are…”

The following tutorial is almost ready it’s ready! .It’s a tutorial about how to create an editor for games that dosen’t use tiles but a set of backdrop images with attributes that you can modify (rotation, scale, position, transparency, tint, layer, parallax, tiling, etc).

In this tutorial we are going to use IndieLib engine, it’s a 2d engine developed by myself with a really good community, you will be really welcome. So, if you wish, you can start getting familiarized with this engine by reading IndieLib tutorials.

Main Website:
Community: IndieLib Forums
Tutorials: IndieLib Wiki Tutorials
Screenshots: IndieLib screenshots
Cost: FREE! & Open Source
Programming Required: C++

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