The Story Behind iPACROSS – Launch on iPad (#3)

iPACROSS available in Mac and iPad AppStoreAs soon as we realized that we didn’t really know how to make this game to appeal to casual players, especially after the frustrating first launch. We quickly decided to tailor the game to meet more hardcore puzzle players’ needs. Actually it was quite simple to do: simply adapt to the feedback from these players and continue to polish the game to the level where it provides the best Picross puzzle-solving experience among its competitors on iPad.

A few big changes were quickly applied to the game. Firstly, we double checked every puzzle and fixed every one we found that has multiple solutions. Secondly, we optimized the UI responding speed to achieve a smoother and more comfortable touch control. Lastly, we implemented the “free mode” in expert (20×20) and maniac (25×25) levels to ensure that player won’t be punished and auto-corrected when a mistake was made. This feature was among the most requested ones from player. Continue reading


The Story Behind iPACROSS – Launch on iPad (#2)

iPACROSS available in iPad and Mac AppStoreThe selling number was very low at the beginning. One of the reasons was because I made a brainless mistake in the submission. When filling the submission form, I chose “Entertainment” as the primary category, and “Games” as secondary. I did not know AppStore entirely ignored the secondary category, and our game had not appeared at the Games section at all. I noticed that immediately and submitted an update to switch the category. But we already lost our first chance to build the visibility.

That was bad but not the worst. There were some players already known our game from the forum. They downloaded the game immediately, and gave us feedback that we had never expected. They complained that some puzzles could not be solved, including one of the entry level puzzles.

Unsolvable puzzle in the initial build of iPACROSS

Which is the right solution, red or yellow?

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The Story Behind iPACROSS – Launch on iPad (#1)

iPACROSS available in iPad and Mac AppStoreWe started the work for the iPad version from February, 2010. And we made our submission to Apple on October 18th. During these 8 months, 900 changelists were submitted to SVN. We submitted 145 more changelists after the initial release for fixing bugs, adjusting puzzles, and supporting new features like multi-tasking in iOS 4.

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