People’s Card Released on AppStore

People’s Card is a free utility app to explore the maximum potential of iOS 6’s revolutionary Passbook system.

It helps you to create your very own passes and cards, and place them in your iPhone’s Passbook. You could easily distribute them to other people as you will.

It could be used to create your personal & business card, or event tickets when you are organizing a party. For people who is executing a small business, the app would be also valuable. You may want to create awesome coupons and membership cards, for your customers who have an iPhone.

Unlike the traditional card makers, you could freely change the content of our passes and cards whenever there is an update. And the people who have the card will have it refreshed immediately.


More details, including screenshots and videos, could be found here.

And please check this FAQ if you have any questions.


Insta Companion Released on App Store

Insta Companion is a lightweight Instagram helper app to browse your favorite photos, modify and share them in many different ways.

At the current time, it’s

★ the only iPhone app that pin Instagram photos to Pinterest

★ the only iPhone app to doodle on Instagram photos

Check this page for more details

True Portraits Released on App Store

True Portraits is such an awesome app that makes it available for ordinary people to create his or her own contemporary master pieces like Duchamp did by replacing original faces in a master piece with his own. It provides an opportunity to have a close look at these masterpieces in art history from a different angle. Moreover, it helps make new meaning by creating along with these masters.

Hiding all the complexity under a superb easy-to-use interface, True Portraits helps you to make imaginary but realistic portraits in the simplest way. It could produce the portraits in an amazing approach, by keeping the original canvas texture, brush, and overall tone to the largest extent.

Check this page for detailed information.